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The Estes Proto Z is a $39.99 drone that is another great beginner drone.  It's quiet and very easy to fly even if you've never flown before.

The  Rage Orbit FPV Pocket Drone RTF 66.99 and is a fantastic entry-level drone.  Like all of the Rage brand is durable and easy to fly.

The Revell Nano Hexagon is our smallest and least expensive 6-blade drone at $69.99.  It is both very stable and highly maneuverable, and is a blast to fly.

The Blade Nano QX 3D is $99.99, and is another powerful stunt drone that is also capable of inverted flight.

The Blade Glimpse FPV is $159.99, and is also a powerful stunt drone, but with the addition of a 720p camera to record the action.  It also has a phone mount on the controller, so you can connect to the camera and view the action in real time.

The new Rage Century FPV drone is a great new drone in the Rage series.  It is priced at $129, and comes packed with features for the price.  It has auto takeoff and land, auto hover, headless mode, and auto-flip.  It is equipped with a 720p camera, and can be live viewed with a phone mounted to the controller.  It also comes with extra blades, two batteries, and blade guards.

The UDI Discovery is priced at $159.99.  It is quite powerful and very maneuverable, and can be flown easily indoors as well as in some outdoor conditions.  It comes equipped with a 720p camera, and a screen built in to the controller.  The newest update also add in headless mode and return home functionality.

The Ei-Hi Apparition is $179.99.  It is a hexacopter, or 6-blade drone, and also comes equipped with a camera that can broadcast to your phone.

The Dromida Vista FPV is the higher end version of the Vista drones at $179.99, because it comes with a 720p camera that can broadcast to your phone.  It also has all the same features as the UAV version.

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