Walkera Scout X4

The Walkera Scout is priced at $1399.  It has a stabilized gimbal for a GoPro camera, and can be upgraded from an x4 to an x8 configuration.  In addition, it has the power to carry larger custom mounted gimbals and cameras for more professional capabilities.  It also has autonomous capability which can be programmed on-the-fly with the included bluetooth transmitter.


If you're looking for a turn key aerial video quadcopter solution, the Walkera Scout X4 is it! Famous for their innovative models with amazing performance, Walkera have come out to bat with the most full featured quadcopter for FPV and aerial video on the market. This Scout X4 comes with the FCS-X4 flight controller which allows for position hold, return to home and a myriad of other features taking full advantage of GPS. The highly efficient 6S power system allows for up to 25 minute flight times and when utilized with the included 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink module, a world of possibilities opens up with live telemetry and tablet/phone controlled mission planning. The Scout features retractable, carbon fiber landing gear providing an unobstructed view when used with the included Walkera G-3D brushless 3-axis camera gimbal. This makes for the ideal aerial video rig, capable of capturing footage that is better than anything you've ever seen in a multi-rotor of this size. This version of the Scout X4 comes completely Ready to Fly including the Devention F12E radio transmitter with integrated LCD video screen, 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink Module (allowing you to fly the model with your mobile phone or tablet), Walkera G-3D 3-axis brushless camera gimbal, TX5803 video transmitter (for use with GoPro), flight battery and charger! Features: • Retractable landing gear • Sleek simulated carbon fiber finish (no more boring white) • Up to 25 minute flight times • Devo F12E transmitter with 5" LCD video screen for real-time aerial video! • Waypoint mission planning • Real time telemetry monitoring • 'Follow Me' mode • Return to home and position hold • Mounts for 4 additional motors (for conversion to X8) • Hyper IOC function • Point of Interest flight function (circle around point of interest) • Self tightening propellers

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